4 Helpful Tips for Renting a Yacht

Yachts offer an unforgettable experience and picturesque setting to explore rivers, golfs, oceans, and more. And if you want to avoid the initial purchase costs, maintenance fees, and ownership responsibilities, renting a yacht is one of the best ways to experience them. Essentially, you get 100% of the luxurious experience with 0% of the commitment.

If you’re wondering how to rent a yacht — but are unsure where to start — this blog post is for you. Keep reading to discover how to rent a yacht for a day, as well as costs and other important information. 

1. Finalize the Details in Advance

Before investing in a yacht charter, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the cost, preferred location(s), and excursion details.


The first step to planning your yacht rental is determining your budget. So, how much does it cost to rent a yacht? The exact price depends on your yacht’s size, location, rental duration, etc.

Duration of Trip and Destination

The next thing you’ll need to decide is where to go and how long to stay. Yacht rentals range anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks, and the further in advance you decide on dates, the more likely they’ll be available.

Type of Yacht and Size Needed

Yachts come in all shapes and sizes (including motor, sailing, and catamarans). Therefore, it’s essential to consider the features and amenities you’d like to have. Determine how many people will be attending and how extravagant you want the vessel to be. 

Research Charter Companies and Check Reviews

Research local yacht companies to find reputable rental options. When selecting a company, read customer reviews and ensure the captain and crew have ample experience. 


2. Familiarize Yourself with the Price of Yacht Rentals

As we mentioned, yacht rental costs depend on many factors. Naturally, longer trips cost more, and larger boats are pricier. And keep in mind that most rentals have both daily and weekly rates. 

Below are some factors that impact rental costs: 

Location and Time of Year

Where you choose to charter your yacht significantly impacts the cost. You’ll find that popular spots — like the Mediterranean or the Caribbean — are more expensive than lesser-known destinations. And, of course, peak boating season (summertime) is pricier than its off-peak counterparts. 

Boat Type and Amenities

The type of boat you choose affects the rental cost. Generally, older yachts are cheaper but won’t have all the modern amenities you might want. Hiring a crew and adding luxury features — like a jacuzzi or entertainment system — increases the cost.

Incidental Costs

Understanding charter insurance and identifying extra coverage needs is crucial for budgeting. Note that motor yacht charters usually exclude fuel costs. Additionally, docking fees, provisioning, and crew tips add up quickly. 

3. Understand the Yacht Rental Process

After you decide on a rental company, it’s time to contact them and schedule your trip. You’ll need to ensure a yacht is available on your excursion date(s), and then you’ll want to get a quote. That quote should include the charter fee, fuel cost, crew’s wages, and any additional costs.

Sign a Contract 

When renting a yacht, you’ll need to formalize your agreement. Make sure to read (and understand) the entirety of the charter contract. It covers everything you need to know about cancellation policies, insurance, and security deposits. You can also ask for photos and/or check out the boat in person.

Pay the Deposit

The next step is paying the deposit. Generally, this is deducted from the booking’s total cost and is determined by the yacht’s value. 

Express Your Preferences

If you’re spending a lot of time on the boat, you’ll want to collaborate with the chef on meal planning. Make sure to share your food preferences, allergies, and any restrictions you have.

Additionally, let the rental company know about any activities you want to partake in while onboard. Doing so helps your captain plan accordingly and ensures your party has a great time. 

4. Plan Ahead and Pack Wisely

Renting a yacht for the first time is an exciting yet sometimes overwhelming experience. However, planning ahead and packing wisely can ensure your trip goes smoothly.

Plan Early

Planning is essential if you’re renting a yacht for the first time. Do your research, compare your options, and set a budget. Also, remember to budget for tips — about 10 to 20% of the charter fee.

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Pack Wisely

We recommend packing carefully and familiarizing yourself with boating etiquette and safety precautions. Remember to bring appropriate clothing, sunscreen, and other necessities. And keep in mind that storage space is limited!

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