The Best Toys For Your Superyacht

There’s nothing quite like diving into a toy box chock-full of goodies, but with so much on offer it can be hard to know where to start when kitting out your toy garage. From a remote-controlled shark to an inflatable jousting platform and an Aston Martin submarine, there’s something for everyone in our edit of the best toys for your superyacht…

Triton Project Neptune


Triton Submarines and British marque Aston Martin have joined forces to create the ultimate luxury submersible. Project Neptune is a sleek super-sub capable of diving to depths of 500 metres while cossetting passengers in an uber-luxe interior.  Weighing 4,200kg and standing just 1.9 metres tall, the submersible is compact enough to squeeze into a tender garage or can easily sit on deck in pride of place. Project Neptune offers a bulbous cabin for panoramic views complemented by a quintessentially Aston Martin interior featuring hand-stitched leather and a carbon fibre trim. While a top speed of five knots might not sound like much – particularly for an Aston Martin – it’s actually four times the acceleration of Triton’s flagship 3300/3 submarine. 


RoboSea Robo-Shark


Say hello to RoboSea’s Robo-Shark, the coolest – and toothiest – underwater drone on the market. This two metre bionic shark slinks through the water lets you explore the underwater world from a sharks-eye view. Weighing 75kg it’s pretty hefty, but it does have automatic obstacle avoidance and a multi-joint caudal find that reduces water noise. However, unlike a real shark, the Robo-Shark tops out at a speed of 10 knots and with a maximum depth of 300 metres. The battery will last you two hours and it can be fitted with nearly any camera or sensor rig.


Red PaddleBoard XL

Known as the Red Paddle Co’s “party board”, this supersized stand up paddleboard is perfect for every member of the family. Up to eight riders can hop on and head off on an adventure to shore or a paddle a lazy few laps around the boat. The inflatable board measures five metres in length and features a super grippy deck pad with an indestructible flexi fin system (perfect for owners in fear of scratching up the teak decking). Meanwhile, grab handles make it super easy for crew to launch and also come in handy should you need to hoist yourself back on board.


Jetsurf Pro Race


Ever wondered why laid-back surf dudes are as buff as gym addicts? It’s because surfing is really hard work. Getting the knack takes hours of fruitless labour, a bellyful of seawater and a succession of humiliating beach-side wipe-outs. Welcome, then, to the engine-powered Jetsurf. A surfboard-jet ski-wakeboard hybrid, the Jetsurf was developed by Formula One engineers to be piloted from an upright position, with your feet in straps and using a hand-held control that cuts out if you fall off. The ultra-light carbon fibre board is propelled by a two-stroke engine (86 or 100cc) and the most advanced of three models, the Pro Race, can hit 57km/h. It doesn’t rely on waves so you can use it when surf conditions are poor – and you’ll be able to tell when that is by the surfers glaring at you from the beach.


Phantom 3 quadcopter


The benefits of drones when it comes to superyachts are manifold, whether it’s monitoring the harder-to-reach areas of the ship from the comfort of below deck, or simply taking the ultimate aerial selfie at sea. DJI specialises in camera drones and its new Phantom 3 quadcopter comes in two options: a 4K Sony EXMOR-based Professional model, and a full-HD Advanced one. Both allow you to see the world from your drone’s perspective in near real-time at distances of nearly a mile. They have auto take-off and landing modes, and a handy “return home” button that automatically navigates it back to its starting point using GPS.

From £499,

techBar’s Underwater Smart Scooter


Small enough to fit into your hand luggage but powerful enough to power you through the water, techBar’s Underwater Smart Scooter is a superyacht staple. Leave your flippers on the boat – they are a thing of the past – a built-in battery powers two electric motors which propel riders through the water offering up to 60 minutes of fun – and it only takes 90 minutes to charge.  With a top speed of 2.7mph this underwater scooter is perfect for those looking for a leisurely snorkel. All you have to do is grab and go.


Red Shark Board


No gym on board? No problem. The Bike Board is the latest product from Red Shark Bikes that lets you cycle on water. Push off from the swim platform and cycle twenty-or-so laps around the boat for the perfect morning workout. The Bike Board requires relatively little skill or balance and comes in several different models: Enjoy, Fitness and Race. The Race board is made entirely out of carbon-fibre and would suit any speedsters, while other two models are both inflatable and so stow neatly away in your superyacht toy garage. Plus the board is pretty low maintenance too. Just a simple splash of freshwater will do.


Gracie Bird diving board


The Molono Gracie Bird board, named after Princess Grace and inspired by the classic Riva and Chris-Craft runabouts of the 1950s, is without doubt the chicest board on land or at sea. These ultra-sleek, bespoke, carbon fibre and wood diving boards come in a variety of pinstripe finishes, from bubinga and holly to ash and SikaFix, all made to blend beautifully with your beach club. Thanks to some clever engineering (Molono’s engineer, Nicholas Spens, spent 13 years in the boating industry, building lightweight composite racing yachts and bespoke components for superyachts) this board can take up to a hefty 250kg and still provide a powerful spring. After helping you make a splash, the board can be detached and stored in its robust bag in the tender garage. All you need now is film-star-worthy swimwear.

From £35,000,

Ariel Nomad kart


Forged in Somerset, the Ariel Nomad’s preferred terrain may be diverse (it is equally comfortable cavorting on highways, byways, beaches and the back of beyond) yet its purpose is singular: to impart the heady thrill of go-karting in a roadworthy, reinforced vehicle capable of hitting 60mph in a hasty 3.4 seconds. Unlike Aerial’s stellar debutant, the Atom, this comes with the added luxury of a full windscreen – to ensure both driver and passenger don’t spend the rest of the weekend picking sand out of their teeth – while the bronze-welded, steel-tube frame is supported by a twin-spring damper system to provide the smoothest of rides, on and off the beaten track. 

From £30,000,

Hobie Mirage Eclipse Pedalboard


Get ready to feel the burn. This stand up paddleboard-cum-elliptical trainer crossover is perfect for those looking for an on-the-water workout. Work those legs to propel you along while a kick-up rudder keeps you on course with precise turning ability. If you’re heading out on a pedalboard excursion, you can stash a packed-lunch thanks to rear bungee tie-downs, while soft, grippy deck pads underfoot provide a comfortable ride all day long. What’s more is you can use the Eclipse as a traditional stand up paddleboard – a perfect 2-in-1 to complete your toy box. Available in two sizes.

From £2,095,

FunAir Yacht Joust


Lances at the ready, unleash your inner gladiator with FunAir’s inflatable jousting platform. The aim of the game is to keep your balance and knock your opponent off into the water – before you find yourself overboard. Each competitor is equipped with a lightweight inflatable pole – suitable for budding gladiators of all sizes – while a non-slip surface allows you to shuffle along the beam towards your competition.  Steps on either side allow you to clamber back up for round two.


Specialized Turbo Levo SL Electric Mountain Bike


Looking to explore ashore? The Levo SL is a top-of-the-range lightweight electric mountain bike from cycle connoisseur Specialized. Sporting a slim design and compact motor, it could quite easily be mistaken for its analogue sister, the Specialized Stumpjumper, but here, a slient electric motor doubles your effort by as much as 240 watts of powerful pedal assistance. If you’re looking to pack in the miles, there’s an optional range extender that boosts your range by 50%. Plus, before you set off, download the Mission Control App which records your rides, tunes your motor and handles battery management automatically, ensuring your battery will last as long as you need it to.

From £10,999,

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