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Montenegro’s Porto

Located in the glamorous destination of Montenegro, Porto Montenegro is renowned for its celebrity sightings. During the summer season, it is common to catch a glimpse of some well-known faces and incredibly wealthy individuals who arrive with their luxurious yachts. Celebrities such as John Malkovich, Mark Zuckerberg, Brad Pitt, and Mike Tyson have all been spotted at this popular spot.

The marina is equipped with 481 berths and is a popular spot for wealthy individuals and high-profile individuals to dock their extravagant superyachts – it has the capacity to house boats measuring up to 250 meters. Taking advantage of its beautiful location just a short distance from the docks, it offers a variety of high-end shops and waterfront dining options with a wide range of cuisine.

The Background and Traditions of Porto Montenegro

The history of Porto Montenegro can be traced back to 2006, when Peter Munk, a Canadian businessman and founder of Barrick Gold, began conceptualizing a high-end marina in the site of an abandoned Yugoslav shipyard. Over the years, the marina and the neighboring village have developed into an affluent community, with the first restaurants opening in 2011.

The Regent Porto Montenegro, a 5-star hotel, was the pioneer establishment in the nautical village and welcomed its initial visitors in 2014. Presently, numerous novel eateries, boutiques, and coffee shops are in operation within the opulent complex. If you are someone who enjoys indulging in exquisite cuisine and refreshing your wardrobe, or simply relish observing people while enjoying a cocktail, this destination is ideal for you.

The image displays the Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro 2, available on a website with a link that has been shortened with the use of a content delivery network. The photograph was taken in December 2023 and captures the stunning architecture of the hotel in a high-quality resolution of 1024×536.

A Paradise for High-End Shopping

The city of Porto Montenegro is famous for its upscale fashion boutiques, offering a range of clothing from top luxury brands. These include Dior, Bulgari, Valentino, and more, all of which have established themselves in this location, combining traditional Mediterranean design with modern opulence.

This is not the ideal destination for thrifty shoppers or those looking for inexpensive options, but if you have a generous budget and are interested in the latest collection, this is the perfect spot to find trendy clothing and accessories all in one place. Plus, if you happen to have forgotten your swimsuit, the renowned French luxury swimwear brand Vilebrequin has a small boutique tucked away in a nearby street.

Image of Tivat Porto Montenegro Marina

Activities to Experience in Porto Montenegro

The primary reason for visiting Porto Montenegro is not conventional, as most people come to the area to appreciate the impressive superyachts, indulge in the luxurious harborfront terraces, and treat themselves to exquisite cuisine and high-end shopping. While observing people is a popular pastime, there is much more to experience in Porto Montenegro. For a day by the sea, you can head to Belane Beach or Verige Beach, both offering picturesque shingle stretches where you can rent sun loungers and witness the comings and goings of cruise ships in the bay.

The beach club is a popular destination for both the local residents and tourists in Montenegro. A visit to this club is a great alternative to other activities. The Waikiki Beach Club, located within walking distance from Porto Montenegro, and the Buddha-Bar, with its iconic infinity pool that is perfect for Instagram photos, are both highly recommended. The main reasons people frequent these clubs are the relaxed vibe, delicious food, and refreshing cocktails.

Porto Montenegro serves as a central location for various water activities such as jet-skiing, sailing, and paddleboarding. One can participate in a guided tour to nearby coves and beaches, or opt to rent a boat and discover the shoreline independently. The marina houses numerous charter companies that cater to a range of vessels, from small sailboats to luxurious superyachts.

Yacht Charter in Montenegro
Tivat's Verige Strait

Dining Options in Porto Montenegro

As the primary and most extensive marina for superyachts in Montenegro, there is a plethora of gourmet dining choices available. These range from delectable Indian and Italian dishes to inventive combinations of Thai and Japanese cuisine. Al Posto Giusto, a well-liked restaurant among both residents and tourists, offers reasonably priced meals.

For those seeking upscale dining experiences and donning their latest designer outfits, [Murano](,18.6933168,19z/data

Porto Montenegro Yachtingis an image showcasing the beauty of the yachting scene in Porto Montenegro. This stunning location is known for its luxurious yachts and picturesque views. The picture captures the essence of Porto Montenegro’s yachting lifestyle.

Accommodations in Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro is a highly sought-after destination for the wealthy and famous in the country. As a result, there are several impressive hotels within walking distance of the marina. At the moment, the only option within the marina village is the luxurious 5-star Regent Porto Montenegro, but a new and innovative wellness hotel called SIRO is set to open in 2024. To assist you in choosing the ideal hotel near the port, check out our guide.

Porto Montenegro Events

Porto Montenegro has gradually transformed into a popular spot for year-round visits, thanks to its diverse lineup of events throughout the year. These events encompass a variety of themes such as boating, culinary experiences, fashion, music, and other sophisticated forms of entertainment. Additionally, there are also frequent athletic competitions and sailing races that are highly anticipated by the locals of Porto Montenegro.

Montenegro Yachting

Residing in Porto Montenegro

The Eastern Adriatic region recognizes Porto Montenegro as one of its most luxurious communities, which has been gaining popularity among global buyers. Within the residential marina village, all of the available properties are comprised of apartments and penthouses, with prices that fluctuate depending on their proximity to the waterfront.

Sea-view apartments with one bedroom have a starting price of 500,000 Euros, whereas penthouses are priced at over one million Euros. For 325,000 Euros, you can find studio units in the inner streets without a sea view. A penthouse with four bedrooms, a private pool, and a scenic view of the sea can cost approximately 3 million Euros. Unfortunately, there are no villas by the sea available in Porto Montenegro.

Image of Lustica Bay 2

Located in the central area of Tivat, Porto Montenegro offers a variety of amenities and stores, such as fully-stocked supermarkets. The town also has a post office, banks, bakeries, clothing boutiques, pharmacies, gift shops, and other services. Furthermore, it is a more cost-effective option in comparison to other superyacht marinas.

The towns located along the coast, such as Prcanj and Kotor, can be reached within 30 minutes by car. Herceg Novi is also not too far away. A ferry boat departs from Lepetani, which is only a 5-minute drive north of Tivat. The Lustica Peninsula is easily accessible within 15 minutes by car, while Budva can be reached within 30 minutes if there are no traffic delays.

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