• Gas Sterndrive Engines

    Sterndrives combine the gearcase of an outboard with the engine of an inboard. In fact, history indicates the sterndrive engine…

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  • Pod Drive Engines

    Since 2004, engine makers have been building a new form of marine propulsion called Pod Drives. These feature inboard engines—usually…

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  • Inboard Engines

    Diesel engines rely on compression to ignite the fuel and power the engine. Diesel engines are widely used in other…

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  • Jet Drive Engines

    A marine jet drive system is much different than an outboard or sterndrive or inboard which uses a propeller in…

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  • Electric motors

    Electric motors offer quiet, clean propulsion with no exhaust fumes, noise, or vibration. Advances in electric motor technology also mean…

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  • Outboard Motors

    The use of technology in education has allowed for more engaging and interactive learning experiences. It has enabled students to…

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