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In the world of superyachts, one company stands out for its pioneering approach and commitment to excellence – Y.CO. Co-founded in 2004 by Gary Wright and Charlie Birkett, Y.CO has quickly become a global leader in yacht sales, purchase, charter, management, new construction, and refit. With a foundation built on specialist knowledge, first-hand onboard experience, and a passion for yachts and exploring the ocean, Y.CO offers its clients the highest levels of service and a truly unforgettable yachting experience.

Y.CO Yachts

A Dynamic and Modern Approach to Yachting

Y.CO brings a new dynamic and modern approach to the traditional world of yachting. With its signature yellow livery, the company exudes a bright, positive, fun, and enthusiastic energy, which is reflected in every aspect of its operations. From its headquarters in Monaco to its offices in London and Fort Lauderdale, Y.CO operates from superyacht hubs worldwide, catering to the needs of yacht owners and charter clients across the globe.

Comprehensive Services for Yacht Owners and Charter Clients

Y.CO offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to the needs of yacht owners and charter clients. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, charter, manage, build a new yacht, or refit an existing one, Y.CO has the expertise and industry connections to make your yachting dreams a reality. The company’s team of experienced yacht brokers and professionals are relied upon for their expertise, market intelligence, and vast network of industry contacts.

The World’s Top Yacht Brokers

Y.CO is home to some of the world’s top yacht brokers, each bringing their unique expertise and passion for yachting to the table. Let’s take a closer look at a few of these industry-leading professionals:

1. David Seal – Northrop & Johnson – Yacht Broker & Head of Video Production

David Seal, based in Monaco, is a veteran yacht broker and YouTube star with a massive following on his Yachts For Sale channel. With over 226,000 subscribers, his walk-through videos of yachts for sale have become some of the most watched in the industry. Seal’s extensive experience and innovative approach make him a valuable asset to the Northrop & Johnson team.

2. Rosanna Arcamone – Silver Star Yachting – Yacht Charter Broker

Rosanna Arcamone, co-founder of Silver Star Yachting, brings a wealth of industry contacts and a deep understanding of the demands of the world’s wealthiest travelers. With her expertise, she regularly arranges charters on the most lavish superyachts, including award-winning vessels like LADY S and O’PTASIA.

3. Ann Avery – Northrop & Johnson – Yacht Broker

Ann “Annie” Avery, the IYBA Sailboat Broker of the Year for three consecutive years, specializes in luxury sailboats. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, including 20 years with Northrop & Johnson, Avery’s passion for sailing and dedication to professionalism make her a trusted advisor to her clients.

4. Matt Palmer – Northrop & Johnson – Yacht Sales Broker

Matt Palmer, a broker with Northrop & Johnson, combines his sailing background and legal expertise to provide exceptional service to his clients. He has transacted over 100 million Euros in sales and is known for his professionalism, proactivity, and strong traditional values.

5. Nigel Beatty – YACHTZOO – Yacht Broker

Nigel Beatty, a yacht broker with YACHTZOO, brings a unique perspective to the industry with his background in the Royal Navy and experience as a captain on private and charter superyachts. As the Chairman of APSA, Beatty is highly respected in the industry and operates out of YACHTZOO’s bases in Florida, Monaco, and Japan.

6. Charlie Birkett – Y.CO – Yacht Broker

Charlie Birkett, the co-founder and CEO of Y.CO, is not only a leading yacht broker but also a sailing enthusiast with a deep understanding of yacht operations. Birkett’s dedication to client relationships and commitment to excellence have contributed to Y.CO’s status as one of the world’s leading full-service yacht companies.

7. Alex Lees-Buckley – Camper & Nicholsons – Sales and New Build Yacht Broker

Alex Lees-Buckley, a leading superyacht broker with Camper & Nicholsons, has amassed in-depth industry knowledge over his 30 years of experience. With a loyal clientele and expertise in managing large new build projects, Lees-Buckley is a trusted advisor for clients seeking pedigree shipyards like Benetti, Feadship, and Perini Navi.

8. Melanie Burke – Fraser – Yacht Charter Broker

Melanie Burke, an award-winning charter broker at Fraser, has over 30 years of experience in the yachting industry. With her extensive background as crew on charter yachts and her expertise in planning bespoke yacht charter experiences, Burke is highly regarded as one of the world’s most recognized charter brokers.

9. Marcel Busse – YACHTZOO – Yacht Charter & Sales Broker

Marcel Busse, a charter and sales broker at YACHTZOO, brings over 28 years of experience and a stellar reputation for high-end movie charters and yachts exceeding 60 meters. With his extensive knowledge of cruising areas and superior expertise in various vessel types, Busse is a trusted advisor for discerning clients.

10. Chris Callahan – Moran Yacht & Ship – Yacht Sales & Charter Broker

Chris Callahan, a top yacht sales and charter broker, is also the marketing director at Moran Yacht & Ship. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Callahan has facilitated numerous yacht sales, charters, and new build projects, earning a reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable professional.

11. Kevin Callahan – Moran Yacht & Ship – Yacht Sales & Construction Broker

Kevin Callahan, a sales and construction broker at Moran Yacht & Ship, has overseen the construction of some of the world’s most luxurious superyachts. With notable sales and representation of multimillion-dollar yachts, Callahan’s expertise and attention to detail are highly valued by his clients.

12. Tim Carbury – Moravia Yachting – Yacht Sales Broker

Tim Carbury, a leading sales broker at Moravia Yachting, has a deep passion for yachting that developed from an early age. With his versatile background as a yacht captain and marine engineer, Carbury brings a unique perspective and skill set to the industry.

13. Kent Chamberlain – Chamberlain Yachts – Yacht Broker

Kent Chamberlain, an accomplished broker with multiple successful yacht sales organizations, brings extensive experience in sales, management, and charter. As the founder and chairman of the Superyacht Network, Chamberlain is respected for his unwavering work ethic and high integrity.


Y.CO has established itself as a challenger brand in the global superyacht industry, bringing a new dynamic and modern approach to yachting. With its specialist knowledge, first-hand onboard experience, and passion for yachts and exploring the ocean, Y.CO offers a range of comprehensive services to yacht owners and charter clients worldwide. With a team of top yacht brokers and a commitment to excellence, Y.CO continues to lead the industry into the future, delivering unforgettable yachting experiences to its clients.

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